9l0 064 scribd er

Solution: 3 i) = 8 8 8 23 64 iii) = 3 = = 0. is a non terminating recurring + 3L0 + 4L0 = 9L0 = L = The angles of the triangle are . lines and BC is er endicular to OC side 6. be any acute angle. i. side 5. es s (Tes New nfor a on Prev o s er en e s de Unfo d ng nfor a on n era on W. 9LJ. Uploaded by. Hideaki Yamaji ยท Manual Japanese). Uploaded by. LrunvCG8m70VvY++Cr6Evv+/er/ 1wHDA7MFnwePCX8Lbw1jD1MRRxM7FS8XIxkbGw8dBx7/IPci8 + 0YQrQt4HBHCS/drpDcfTue0u8PdU06UKog+ iLH03J/Tcp+oE+9L0+KuIo/ TclsPgp71PcpceKMxayeQxQ7CltKNISkJ/. ZL IC 9LV WZ 9L$2 IS 66L ! Joules 2 Gr~ms per cmJ Hundredweights er ydJ I.

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